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Administration & Public Relations

Dial General Engineering, Inc.: Serving Veterans Memorial Cemeteries in California with “Honor and Respect“.

Dial General Engineering, Inc. is a distinguished organization that plays a vital role in the administration and public relations efforts of Veterans Memorial Cemeteries across California. As a company dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of veterans, Dial General Engineering, Inc. takes on a significant responsibility in preserving the memory of those who served their country. In this article, we will explore the mission, services, and the crucial role played by Dial General Engineering, Inc. in California’s Veterans Memorial Cemeteries.

Our Primary Mission

Dial General Engineering, Inc. is driven by a clear and honorable mission:

“To provide exceptional administration and public relations support for Veterans Memorial Cemeteries throughout California, ensuring that the final resting places of our nation’s heroes are maintained with the respect, dignity, and recognition they deserve.”

Services Provided

1. Administration and Operations: Dial General Engineering, Inc. offers comprehensive administrative support to Veterans Memorial Cemeteries. This includes managing records, coordinating interments, and overseeing day-to-day operations to ensure that these sacred grounds operate efficiently and smoothly.

2. Public Relations and Outreach: A significant part of Dial General Engineering’s role is to promote public awareness and understanding of the significance of Veterans Memorial Cemeteries. This includes organizing events, engaging with the community, and working with the media to highlight the importance of these hallowed grounds.

3. Maintenance and Beautification: The company is also committed to preserving the dignity of these sacred sites. We are responsible for the maintenance and beautification of the cemeteries, ensuring that they remain pristine and serene places of reflection and remembrance.

4. Support for Families: Dial General Engineering, Inc. provides support and guidance to the families of veterans during the interment process. Their compassionate and dedicated staff helps families navigate the complexities of funeral arrangements, ensuring a respectful and meaningful farewell for their loved ones.

Crucial Role in California’s Veterans Memorial Cemeteries

Dial General Engineering, Inc. plays a crucial role in upholding the honor and legacy of veterans in California in the following ways:

1. Maintaining Dignity: By providing top-notch administrative and public relations support, Dial General Engineering, Inc. helps ensure that the final resting places of veterans are maintained with the utmost dignity and respect.

2. Community Engagement: Through their public relations efforts, the company raises public awareness of the sacrifices made by veterans and fosters a sense of community involvement in maintaining these sacred sites.

3. Stewardship: As stewards of the Veterans Memorial Cemeteries, Dial General Engineering, Inc. guarantees that these sites remain beautiful, tranquil, and worthy of the veterans who rest there.

4. Supporting Families: The compassionate and professional assistance provided to Veterans’ families helps ease the burden during a difficult time, ensuring that the interment process is carried out with sensitivity and respect.


Dial General Engineering, Inc. stands as a shining example of an organization committed to honoring and serving Veterans. Through our dedicated administration and public relations work in California’s Veterans Memorial Cemeteries, we play a vital role in preserving the memory and dignity of those who have served their nation. Our unwavering commitment to these sacred grounds ensures that Veterans’ sacrifices and service are forever etched in the collective memory of the community and the nation as a whole.